Everyone has a story

I’m Arika (like Erica). This is mine.

9.27.14_Life_6My story is one of mountains, late nights with a sergers and stainless steel cookware. It’s a story of moving across the country, of uncertainty and luck, paper cuts, homesickness, hiking, handmade dresses and everything coconut.

By day I’m a professional journalist, working far too many hours at the Winston-Salem Journal. Writing for a daily newspaper is a dream come true and there are still days when I can’t believe I’ve gotten this lucky. That’s not to say it was all luck – I worked very hard for the better part of a decade to get here.

I studied journalism at Butler University in my home state of Indiana.

I followed my career to North Carolina two years ago.

For years, I’ve dedicated my professional life to telling other people’s stories.

Now, I’d like to tell my own.

By night, I’m a crafter with all manner of projects in the works. Right now, I’m halfway through a plaid Laurel dress (that I’ll probably finish just as it’s too warm to wear here), have a pile of mending to do for a friend and have a pattern cut for a jacket I’ve been commissioned to sew for a co-worker. I knit while I watch basketball – Go Dawgs!

In another life, I’d be a chef. Last year, I made a New Year’s resolution to try at least one new recipe a week. Some were great successes, like wine-poached figs. Others, like pad thai, I’ve yet to master. The constant challenge kept things interesting, no matter how recipes turned out. I also learned a lot about myself: likes, dislikes, what’s worth it (time, energy, indulgence) and what isn’t. It was so much fun, I’m doing it again. I’ll share some with you here.

This won’t be all recipes. I envision a mix of food, fashion, sewing and stories.

I hope that by sharing the story of my life as I go, I make it one worth telling.

As a journalist, I believe to my bones that everyone has a story. What’s yours? Tell me about your life, why you blog, what you like to post, who I should follow, anything you’d like.


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